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XOoPlay, somebody has to keep Haters in Check DVP Comic 10.31.2022 FYI due to the SSLPD 911 - September "Gone Box"& October "Tesla 2312" comics have been put on hold by WT CEO
Allen Brady 

click here for revised 10.22.2022 

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My 9yo son Elijah Esquivel gave this to me on 09.08.2022 and asked me to make an N.F.T for his Smiley Heroes lawsuit, I know it will sell fast. God Is Great, Amen

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10.31.2022 Elon Musk wants to disrespect Jesus by wearing an upside down cross, ok I introduce the "DVP salute" with upside down Tesla logos see how disrespecting that is Elon & let's take this to our November comic & call it
Heil Tesla no, FORK TESLA because the devil is coming with his fork 4 ur ASS

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