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This video shows them young ones coming over the mountain LOST, just like pioneers have been LOST because of racism due to the older generation, don't you understand it's the racism that holds Joseph Smiths prophecies back from being proven true.

Message to Davis county racist,

like you told Andy in 2008,

"We will jack the rent sky high where minorities live, they will leave our Crown Burgers and we will build robots to replace them" 

This has been proven true, they make cars in full by robots what's a Taco or Hamburger but you can't run us out of our cities, make your own cities.

WAIT  just give Andy his money so he can take all the minorities out of Utah with him & answer your prayers Ryion Butcher, Ladd Quayle -> 

Allen that's why you left Utah, Team DVP i got it Exodus, the next cause is Exodus Xodus 


God says, in the name of his son Jesus Christ "U LOST" all the hate that invades your soul.

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