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19 SCAM (and Con Artist Andy Esquivel) 

So there's this pathological lying sociopath out there named Andy Esquivel, owner of a scam website called "," who's been duping people out of thousands of dollars pretending he's a legitimate investment and claiming he's about to get bought out by Google for "a billion dollars."

One of his duped investors posted a message about him on my prototype website and this moron has been talking shit on my blogs ever since. Since he's obsessed with threatening to sue everybody from City Weekly on down, I thought I'd create a thread to call him out.

My mother (who has a soft spot for con artists) fell in with this guy a few years ago, so I knew about him from several years back. He tried to talk himself into some sort of "partnership" with me and this website, but since he's so obviously full of shit I just stopped taking his calls.

Since this thread is 50 pages long, I've summarized the major points below:
  • Truth: Andy Esquivel conned $5,000 from an investor named Ryion Butcher

  • Truth: Andy Esquivel conned $50,000 from an investor named Allan Brady and his mother    (NOW JUST CLICK IT!) Daryls Dark side

  • Truth: Andy Esquivel conned $6,000 from an investor named Kyle Kluff

  • Lies specifically told to scam victim Kyle Cluff in order to secure his investment (quoted form recent testimony):

    • Donald Trump is buying xtagged, and he called [Andy] and [Andy] put him on speaker phone so [Andy's] family could hear and celebrate.

    • 24 hour fitness is endorsing xtagged and we would be on the Biggest loser.

    • Geico is endorsing xtagged.

    • We need to sell all these Nike stickers so Nike will endorse xtagged.

    • The attorney general of Colorado is going to endorse xtagged and take it to Obama.

    • Colorado University professors wanted to use xtagged with the grant money they got.

    • P 90X is going to pay you to use xtagged and if I helped you get in shape [Andy] were going to split it with me which would of came out to $30,000.

    • We got paid millions of dollars from real estate companies to use xtagged for selling their homes.

    • Myspace wanted to by xtagged for 5 million dollars.

    • The DMV was going to use our system.

    • Americas most wanted was endorsing us.

    • [Andy was] going to be on Oprah in just 6 more months.

    • We were going to have a super bowl commercial for 2009 for Budweiser.

    • [Andy was] in the middle of brokering a deal with Budweiser for your amazing "trademarked" commercial.

    • [Andy] told me multiple times, "Kyle, it's done we sold xtagged, your officially a millionaire."

    • We were supposed to be on 10 different news stations, (many of which were fox news, and not the regional ones but nation wide fox news.) but [Andy] didn't want the site to crash because of being over viewed, so [Andy] postponed the interview.

    • [Scam victims will] get [their] buy out in just one month.

    • All of [Andy's] companies, (xtagged, car cover, BTP, the sushi shop) were under the same company name and I owned 3 % of each.

    • [Andy] had a Google executive fly out to Utah, just to meet [Andy] and talk about xtagged.

    • [Andy] owned and was using it as a trial version of xtagged.

    • That xtagged had facial recognition and that [Andy] have meet with many FBI agents who loved xtagged.

    • That xtagged was going to be on shark tank the t.v show.

    • That the stocks everyone bought were going to go public of June, 2008 and they would open no lower than $30 a share, and will quickly rise above the price of Google stock.

    • [Andy's] ex-lawyer and Allen had a deal to sell Xtagged for 30 million dollars, but the buyers were all about the money so [Andy] didn't sell.

  • Truth: Andy Esquivel conned $100,000 from an investor named Stephen R. Klemark, III   Just Click It

  • Truth: Andy Esquivel conned $2,000 from an investor named Chris Engelbrecht

  • Truth: Andy Esquivel conned $1,500 from an investor named Robert

  • truth: Andy Esquivel conned $2,500 from an investor names Shar Jenkins  Just Click It!  The dark side o Daryl

  • Truth: Andy Esquivel is the defendant in three pending civil lawsuits in Davis County, Utah

  • Truth: Andy Esquivel is the defendant in a pending harassment case in American Fork, Utah (#10AF05790) for which an arrest warrant has been issued: Ok watch video Daryl at one time Edited an email to his Mom to try to turn her against me I wounder how much of the voice mail he let the police hear I bet only the part that says I have two Brother in-laws that want to talk to you and he edited out the part where I say you 40 year old pedophile why are you in contact with my 14 year old  twins! we will see in court! 


  • Truth: Xtagged is being investigated for fraud by the Securities and Exchange Commission

  • Truth: Xtagged is being investigated for fraud by the Federal Trade Commission (#26458904)

  • Truth: Xtagged is being investigated for fraud by the city of Bountiful (#2010-2789, #2010-3136, #2010-3137)

  • Truth: Xtagged is being investigated for fraud by the Utah State Attorney General

  • Truth: Andy Esquivel was convicted in 2004 of felony weapons charges involving drugs:

  • Lie: MySpace offered $100 Million to buy

    • truth - Myspace almost sued Andy over

  • Lie: Xtagged authenticates users license plate numbers

    • truth - doesn't have a connection to any public databases and therefore cannot authenticate anything

  • Lie: Xtagged uses face recognition software to authenticate users

    • truth - there is no face recognition software in Xtagged

  • Lie: Xtagged is sponsored by

    • truth - is considering legal action against Xtagged

  • Lie: Xtagged is trademarked

    • truth - Andy never finished filing a trademark on the Xtagged name or logo [click here]

  • Lie: Wiser Electronic Cigarette Inc. bought out Wiser LLC [link]

    • truth - a business entity search with the Colorado Secretary of State reveals that "Wiser Electronic Cigarette, Inc." does not exist [link]

    • truth - a business entity search with the Colorado Secretary of State reveals that "Wiser LLC" does not exist [link]

  • Lie: Andy Esquivel sold Xtagged for millions and bought houses in Florida, Nevada and Colorado

    • Truth - Andy Esquivel is broke and lives with his mother

  • Lie: On August 25th, Wiser Technology released their Wiser Car Cover. Andy posted a picture of it being tested at 75 mph in New Mexico

    • Truth - the photo Andy posted was actually of a 2012 Hyundai Veloster undergoing road tests in the mid west. The car, which has not yet been released, was disguised by black wraps. Many other photos of similarly disguised Velosters are posted across the web, including YouTube videos. Andy spotted one, took a picture of it, and labeled it "Wiser Car Cover" in an attempt to fool people into believing he had a product.

  • Lie: Andy Esquivel partnered with Nike and licensed their logo to merge with Xtagged

    • truth - Nike is considering legal action against Andy Esquivel for trademark infringement

  • Lie: Andy Esquivel partnered with Geico and licensed their logo to merge with Xtagged

    • truth - Geico is considering legal action against Andy Esquivel for trademark infringement

  • Lie: is a website affiliated with

    • truth - is a domain that used to redirect to without their knowledge

  • Lie: and Xtagged helped a homeless family in Denver, as reported by their testimonial on [link]

    • truth - the entire story is a sham, the photos stolen and the license plate of the alleged homeless family helped by Andy's charity is fake [link]

  • Lie: Xtagged is worth millions of dollars

    • truth - Xtagged has six (6) users and is therefore worth about $6 bucks.

  • Lie: Google was considering buying Xtagged for $1 Billion dollars

    • truth - the M&A department at Google has never heard of Xtagged and wouldn't consider buying it if they had

  • Lie: Stephen R. Klemark bought Xtagged for $24.5 million

    • truth - Stephen R. Klemark doesn't have $24.5 Million

  • Lie: Stephen R. Klemark bought Xtagged for $2.4 million

    • truth - Stephen R. Klemark doesn't have $2.4 million

  • Lie: Xtagged got bought for $50 million

    • truth - nobody is stupid enough to buy Xtagged for $50 million

  • Lie: This message board thread has cost Xtagged $175k or $300k or $2.5m or $12m or $15m (depending on the day of the week) in lost potential investments

    • truth - nobody in their right mind would invest any amount of money into Xtagged

    • truth - Any company considering investing in Xtagged would do their homework first and discover everything we've posted here (including the fact that none of the companies mentioned legally exist) on their own

    • truth - It has been noted that pathalogical liars can never remember the lies they've told, which is why Andy's numbers always change with time

  • Lie: Andy Esquivel got financial backing for Xtagged form some company at CES in Las Vegas

    • truth - Andy Esquivel never went to CES and nobody there would have given him the time of day if he had

  • Lie: Andy Esquivel is developing an energy drink called Buzz/Wiser where 50% of the profits will go to MADD

    • truth - MADD is suing Andy Esquivel over this claim

    • truth - there is no energy drink

    • truth - New Belgium Brewing Company is about to sue Andy Esquivel and Stephen R. Klemark, III for using their logo to promote this fake energy drink

  • Lie: Andy Esquivel is working on a deal with a stadium

    • truth - there is no deal with any stadium

  • Lie: Buzz/Wiser Feel Better is a new version of the Buzz/Wiser drink family that cures hangovers

    • truth - Andy spoofed a drink called Security Feel Better manufactured out of Miami Florida, stole all their graphics, and pretended it was his. The owner of the real drink is taking legal action.

  • Lie: Andy Esquivel filmed his infamous Mariah Carey video in front of a big screen TV owned by one of his business partners

    • truth - Andy Esquivel filmed the Mariah Carey video in front of a wall in his mother's living room using a laptop projector borrowed from friends

  • Lie: Buzz/Wiser contains a secret ingredient that cures hangovers

    • truth - there is no Buzz/Wiser

  • Lie: Buzz/Wiser has shipped 1 Million units

    • truth - there is no Buzz/Wiser

  • Lie: Buzz/Wiser is a non-alcoholic energy drink

    • truth - there is no Buzz/Wiser

    • truth - published mock-ups photos of the proposed energy drink currently being displayed on the Buzz/Wiser website include the text "alcohol content 5.4%" around the upper lip of the can

  • Lie: Buzz & Wiser is being 'considered' for a Superbowl commercial

    • truth - the only 'consideration' you need to get a Superbowl commercial is a few million dollars in cash and a good media firm

    • truth - there is no 'Buzz & Wiser'

  • Lie: Xtagged has a reality show which aired in July of 2008 [link]

    • truth - there is no reality show, never was, never will be...

  • Lie: Xtagged will be featured in an upcoming episode of "The Family Guy"

    • truth - no it will not

  • Lie: Xtagged will have a cameo in the upcoming Pixar movie "Cars II" (link)

    • truth - no it will not

  • Lie: The Denver Police Department has endorsed Wiser Technology's "No Phone Zone" application

    • truth - a spokesperson for the Denver Police Department expressly states that the department does not endorse products of any kind

    • truth - Steve Klemark, who works for the department as a low level clerk, was the subject of an internal affairs investigation and subsequent disciplinary action for using the name of the department to promote his various schemes.

  • Lie: Aspen St. Inn in Colorado has partnered with Wiser E-Cigarette to offer an e-cigarette in every room. Their phone number is (720) 732-7786

    • truth - representatives of the Aspen Street Inn in Colorado have never even heard of e-cigarettes and the phone number above for Andy's mother, not the inn.

  • Lie: Andy staged a HUGE infomercial to launch his Wiser E-Cigarette on July 4th

    • truth - since Andy still hasn't posted the video from this amazing television event, we can only assume that it never happened.

  • Lie: "Gary the Bus Driver" was on hand for the infomercial and posted this blog describing the event

    • "Gary the Bus Driver" is actually Andy pretending to be someone who actually thinks his various fictitious products are real. This was revealed in a recent YouTube video posted by Andy in which he surfs Google while still logged in as Gary the Bus Driver (he apparently didn't realize the login cookie from Blogger persists when you switch to

  • Lie: Xtagged has an iPhone app that will start your car for you

    • truth - Andy bought a remote starter and filmed himself starting a car with it after touching the screen of his iPhone...pretending the iPhone started the car

  • Lie: Xtagged software is bundled with the Samsung Instinct

    • truth - Samsung knows nothing about Xtagged, would not bundle this software if it did, and decided not to sue Andy over these claims because they considered the damage caused by his amateur YouTube video minimal

  • Lie: Buzz/Wiser is working on a Superbowl commercial

    • truth - there is no Superbowl commercial

  • Lie: Xtagged is buying Rebecca Dunn a house in Colorado

    • truth - Andy can't even afford to buy himself a house in Colorado

  • Lie: I'm leaving my job to go work for Andy Esquivel at Xtagged

    • truth - no amount of money in this world is worth going to jail because I worked with Andy Esquivel at Xtagged

  • Lie: Andy Esquivel owns a printing company

    • truth - Andy Esquivel doesn't own any legitimate businesses

  • Lie: Xtagged has a line of jewelry

    • truth - Andy Esquivel bought one ring with the Xtagged logo on it...this does not constitute a 'line'

  • Lie: Ryion was fired from Xtagged because he embezzled funds

    • truth - Ryion turned against Xtagged when he found out Andy was a fraud

  • Lie: Someone inside City Weekly deleted Andy Esquivel's blog posts on because they're against Xtagged

    • truth - nobody at City Weekly gives a damn about Andy Esquivel or Xtagged

  • Lie: 50% of Xtagged profits go to fix healthcare

    • truth - Andy Esquivel voted for Obama and that's the extent of his contribution to healthcare

  • Lie: The Buzz/Wiser energy drink ships with pills that help women detect sexual drugs in their drinks

    • truth - there is no Buzz/Wiser energy drink and no such "magic pill" to detect Rohypnol, GHB, or any other such "sexual" drug.

  • Lie: Xtagged is patented

    • truth - Andy Esquivel started a patent application, but never finished it

  • Lie: Andy Esquivel developed and patented Blue-tooth profiler

    • truth - there is no blue-tooth profiler and no patent for it

  • Lie: I somehow hacked Rebecca Dunn's AOL email and sent Viagra ads to all her contacts

    • truth - Rebecca Dunn obviously downloaded a virus.

  • Lie: Xtagged LLC has numerous investors

    • truth - there is no Xtagged LLC

  • Lie: Andy has developed a blue-tooth enabled micro-chip that goes on the tip of an e-cigarette the broadcasts nicotine intake

    • truth - Andy couldn't develop a microchip if his life depended on it.

  • Lie: Andy has developed a pair of 1080p, high definition, 3D sunglasses that, when connected to a Wii styled gyroscopic cell phone, can take you on a virtual tour of Solomon and Herod's temples in Jerusalem.

    • truth - besides being so outlandish as to stretch a sane person's imagination, these products are absolute fantasy.

  • Lie: Andy Esquivel is marketing an e-cig to all the casino's in Las Vegas and all the nursing homes in Colorado

    • truth - Andy Esquivel could barely afford to buy the demo kits for his e-cig

    • truth - no casino would give Andy Esquivel the time of day

    • truth - Andy Esquivel's mother works for a nursing home and that's about the extent of his involvement with them

  • Lie: I'm just attacking Andy because I'm jealous he hired my mother at Xtagged instead of me

    • truth - Andy has never paid my mother, so to say he "hired her is a stretch

    • truth - I have a rewarding career working for one of the ten largest corporations on Earth. Although mu mother offered me a "job" at the non-existent company she claims to head and that Andy pretends to own, I wasn't stupid enough to take her seriously, much less accept.

  • Lie: Rebecca Dunn (my biological mother) is now CEO of Wiser Technology, LLC

    • I actually am the legal owner of the rights to the name Wiser technology, LLC in Colorado [link] and I wouldn't hire Rebecca Dunn to wash dishes in the lunchroom!

  • Lie: Andy gave me a weekend job working at his nightclub "Playground" in Park City

    • truth - Andy was not an owner of Playground. At most he was a regular there who suckered the real owners into signing papers trading 10% of their failing club for exclusive distribution rights to

    • truth - I only visited Playground twice while it was still in business to take photos of Andy trying to impress people with Xtagged.

    • truth - Andy didn't have the authority to hire anybody at Playground, and I wouldn't have accepted a "weekend job" there if he had

  • Lie: Andy Esquivel is suing City Weekly

    • truth - Andy Esquivel isn't suing anybody

  • Lie: Andy Esquivel is suing me

    • truth - Andy Esquivel isn't suing anybody

  • Lie: Andy Esquivel is suing Ryion

    • truth - Andy Esquivel isn't suing anybody

  • Lie: Andy Esquivel is suing a police department in Utah somewhere for harassment after they pulled him over in his Lamborghini and gave him shit.

    • truth - Andy Esquivel isn't suing anybody

    • truth - Andy Esquivel doesn't own a Lamborghini

  • Lie: the Lamborghini incident was taped by a passenger int he back seat

    • truth - Lamborghini's don't have back seats

  • Lie: Andy has developed a backpack-borne child cover that attaches to the valve stem of a car, inflates using air in the car's tires and protects children from freak hailstorms while walking home from school.

    • truth - this is probably the dumbest idea ever imagined (imagine children running to attach their inflatable shelters to the valve stems of random automobiles at the first sight of hail while walking home form school). It's ridiculous even by Andy standards and the odds of it being real are less than zero!

  • Lie: Ryion and I are running from a federal court summons

    • truth - there is no federal summons because there is no federal case because Andy and Steve never filed in federal court.

    • truth - Actually Andy Esquivel is the one running from court summons'. Several state entities and plaintiffs have been trying to serve him with papers for years without success. He remains in hiding.

    • truth - thew reason Andy cannot sue anybody is because if he ever appeared in court, he would be arrested on several outstanding warrants and served with court papers while in custody.

  • Lie: I deleted posts on page four of this thread

    • truth - the posts are still there

  • Lie: Andy Esquivel owns two nightclubs

    • truth - Andy used to own part of a sushi shop and once suckered the owners of a now bankrupt club in Park City into signing over 10% of their club in exchange for a percentage in "Xtagged", but that's it. Today, Andy couldn't afford two golf clubs.

  • Lie: I sent emails to Andy's 14 year old son calling Andy a scam

    • truth - Andy cc'd his son on a series of threatening emails sent to Ryion and I. When his son complained, Andy sent his son threatening emails and later claimed that the threats were really sent by Ryion and I impersonating him.

  • Lie: Andy's son's school decided not to allow kids to use when they saw blogs posted by Ryion Butcher claiming it was a scam

    • truth - Andy showed up at his son's school one day and started handing out stickers to the children attending there. The principal caught Andy and demanded that he leave school grounds immediately! He also told Andy that if he ever showed up on school grounds again, the school would notify the police.

  • Lie: Ryion and I are impersonating various officials, including lawyers and police officers who are trying to contact Andy

    • truth - all the officials trying to reach Andy to discuss his various criminal activities are real

  • Lie: I've made it so that nobody can reply to this thread anymore

    • truth - this thread is fourty pages long and although anybody can reply to it, it's become a dead horse. The only person who can't get access to this thread to reply to it is Andy Esquivel, who I banned and IP blocked form this site after he began spamming this message board in violation of our acceptable use policies.

  • Lie: Andy Esquivel was willing to buy for $150,000 but I asked Steve Klemark to buy the website for that amount instead of buying Xtagged for millions.

    • truth - Andy Esquivel called me out of the blue in late 2009 and asked if I'd be willing to sell and for how much. I replied "...sure, for $150,000," which was $100k more than I thought the site was worth at the time and $150k more than I knew Andy had. Ever since then, Andy has perpetuated the myth that is for sale and that I'm asking him, Steve, or some other mythical creature for $150k. The fact is, isn't for sale...period! If it was for sale, Andy Esquivel is the last person on Earth I'd consider selling the site to at any price. Steve Klemark did tell me in early 2010 that he thought was worth $1,000 because he saw it on Google (at which point I told him he was an idiot and that the site wasn't worth fifty bucks), but that's the extent of our conversation.

  • Lie: Andy Esquivel has a private investigator named Zed

    • truth - there is no private investigator named Zed

  • Lie: Stephen R. Klemark hired a private investigator named Zed

    • truth - there is no private investigator named Zed

  • Lie: a company that was about to buy Andy out hired a private investigator named Zed

    • truth - there is no private investigator named Zed

  • Lie: Zed is working on a huge expose on me that will be in all the papers using information he got from an ex-girlfriend of mine

    • truth - there is no Zed, if there is then he isn't a private investigator, and the only information he has on me is the shit he got by talking to my mentally incompetent mother

    • Note: Andy subsequently admitted via email that "Zed" was a fictional character created by Steve Klemark to prove some sort of point.

  • Lie: Andy Esquivel's private investigator's real name is Zeb, not Zed

    • truth - Andy Esquivel mis-spelled the name of his fictitious private investigator in an email to me and has since pretended I got the name wrong to cover his ass

  • Andy Esquivel's various website have tone of traffic...they're in fact visited by tens of thousands of people per month.

    • Andy is unfortunately a technology illiterate and is unaware that a "request" is meaningless in web analytics. When he see a report that reads "48,000 requests," he thinks that means 48,000 'people' visited his website. In fact, one load of Andy's homepage includes 52 unique server requests for different page elements. His true traffic is probably closer to 1,000 page views per month, a significant proportion of which are undoubtedly generated by search engine spiders and bots.

  • Lie: Rebecca Dunn is the brilliant, confident, clear-headed CEO of Andy's various enterprises

    • truth - Rebecca Dunn is a broke, lonely and unemployed old woman with Borderline Personality Disorder who gravitates toward con-artists as a consequence of her condition. She'd been living off of the charity of her ex-husband until he realized she was involved in an elaborate scam with a convicted felon and cut her off in late 2010. She is estranged from her only son, who she is convinced has been brainwashed by Mormons including his inactive LDS wife who she thinks slips Prozac into his tea at night to get him to stay with her. She has a grandchild who she will never meet and most of her family considers her to have 'left the reservation' some time ago. Despite her multiple delusions and shady history, she appears to many to be perfectly normal. It is only after careful scrutiny and a little background research that one begins to realize that she is a pathological liar and is borderline insane. She is, I am ashamed to admit, my biological mother.

  • Lie: Andy Esquivel is a genius and a good person. He is "Rich of life and Family."

    • truth - Andy Esquivel is not a good person. He is a sociopathic, pathological lying con-artist with a criminal record and multiple fraud charges pending against him. He has conned dozens of investors out of tens of thousands of dollars and preys on the ignorant and feeble minded.

    • truth - Andy Esquivel is not a genius. He is an uneducated idiot with a vivid imagination and the 'gift of gab' (when he's not strung-out on methamphetamines). He suffers from multiple delusions, including that he is a gifted inventor, wealthy philanthropist, and a wealthy businessman who is perpetually under attack from evil antagonists of every shape who want nothing more than to stop him from saving the world.

    • truth - Andy is not rich of family. He has five children by three different women, one of which was an under-aged minor when he got her pregnant (almost earning him a statutory rape charge). According to the state of Utah, Andy refuses to accept service of process to determine the paternity of his oldest children. He has over the years been the subject of several domestic violence investigations including an arrest in Provo, Utah (court record #162999), and the 2003 incident which led to his arrest on federal weapons charges (see link below).

    • truth - Andy is not rich of life. He hasn't had a legitimate job in years (much like Rebecca Dunn), and his criminal record includes felony conviction for burglary from 1988 (Utah Department of Corrections Court Record ID #50318). He currently lives in hiding in Lakewood Colorado with his undocumented worked girlfriend and their two children. He survives on charity and the proceeds from his various scams.

Related links:
(Andy's 2004 conviction on federal weapons charges and documentation of repeated drug use) 
(The Truth about Xtagged)
(The thread on

Here are a few videos which clearly illustrate what a nutcase Andy Esquivel really is!

(Andy puts stickers on a Samsung Instinct box and pretends Xtagged is bundled with Sprint)

(Andy demonstrates tire deflating car cover on a toy Mustang)

(Andy tries to explain his new Karma Cause water scam)

(Andy demonstrate magic drink can)

(all the e-cig suppliers in China are after Andy)

(Steve Klemark unsuccessfully tries to rebut this entire thread on camera)

(Andy reveals his new spokesman, "Wiserman")

(Andy shows off fraudulent documents which he claims demonstrate the damage this thread has done to his ongoing scams and threatens to sue)

(Andy Esquivel and Steve Klemark answer the age old question; "how many morons does it take to reply to a message board thread?")

(Update: Andy deleted the Buzzwiser frog video because it was too embarrassing!)

(Update: Andy deleted the video in which he claimed to fix healthcare because it was too embarrassing!)

(Update: Andy deleted the video which he claimed showed me deleting posts because it was too embarrassing!)

(Update: Andy deleted the video which he claimed he proved that I convinced Ryion to start blogging because it was too embarrassing!)

Andy's characters "Buzz" (shown above-left in an ad for Andy's fake Buzz/Wiser energy drink) and "Wiser (Buzz with a green frog head pasted on) is actually Crazy Frog, the rights to which are owned by Erik Wernquist and Fox Mobile...from whom Andy did not bother to get license. This idiot has no shame when it comes to ripping off other people's intellectual property.

Andy's family of scams in outline format:
  • Single & Dating (a moderately decent idea) launches and is featured by Fox 13.

    • Andy decides to capitalize on MySpace's success by changing the name t

      • Andy realizes that if he can get buzz by infringing on MySpace's trademark, he can do ther same with other companies, so, and are born

        • Andy gets tired of adding new domains every time he decides to spoof a new company, so he creates

          • Andy claims to sell to Steve Klemark for x million dollars and uses the make-believe funds to create the fictional Buzz/Wiser Alcoholic Energy Drink with the New Belgium brewing company logo endorsed by MADD. The drink is actually a can of Monster energy drink with a sticker wrapped around it.

            • MADD threatens to sue, Andy changes Buzz/Wiser to a non-alcoholic energy drink

            • When New Belgium threatens to sue, Andy swipes all the content (images, text, nutritional information, etc.) from Security feel Better of Florida and pretends to manufacture a liver cleansing drink identical to theirs.

              • When Security Feel Better threatens to sue, Andy rips the plastic label off an aluminum drink bottle and claims to have finally manufactured the Buzz/Wiser drink

                • When Andy watches the documentary "Tapped" he is moved to take pictures of a glass jug with the Buzz/Wiser sticker on it and claim he's launched a bottled water company, with the bottles filled by members of his church.

            • Before the Buzz/Wiser scam is finished, Andy claims to create the Wiser e-cigarette company

              • since -ecigarettes aren't enough, Andy decides to launch a line of phony add-ons that make the e-cigarette more interesting (things like blue-tooth chips that allow your cigarette to talk to your phone and email your friends).

                • Andy creates the fictitious company "Wiser Technology LLC" to make-believe it is manufacturing the various add-ons

                  • Wiser Technology launches a fake car cover, photos of which are actually spy photos of the 2012 Hyundai Veloster under wraps

                    • Andy claims to test the inflatable car cover in New Mexico at 75mph...nevermind the fact that it's supposed to be attached to the valve stems of a car's tires (inflating itself by deflating the car's tires) and that traveling with such a device attached to your tired would be hazardous and probably illegal.

                      • Andy claims to launch a backpack-borne child cover that attaches to the valve stem of a car (the same way the car cover was supposed to), inflates using air in the car's tires and protects children from freak hailstorms while walking home from school.

                  • Wiser launches a make-believe bicycle helmet that's too silly to even describe here.

                  • Wiser launches a fake airport app that's supposed to make the airlines safe from terrorists

                  • Wiser launches a fake no phone zone app that's supposed to turn your phone off if you're moving faster that 10mph.

                  • Wiser launches a fake cell phone called Chimera

                    • Since Andy was never able to produce a photo of the Chimera, he decides to pretend to have launched a new phone called "Xraza"

                    • When it is pointed out that Andy has never produced a photo of his mythical Chimera phone, Andy claims that it's only bee shown to his attorneys and to the media.

                      • Andy later claims to develop a set of high definition 3D sunglasses that attach to the Chimera phone (which now has gyroscopic Wii capabilities) and allow you to take virtual tours of Solomon and Herod's temples in Jerusalem.

            • At some point Andy comes up with the idea to register and redirect the domain to a legitimate charity in Australia called

              • Andy redirects to a rambling blog written by a senile old woman and creates the website as a new fake charity which is conceptually a direct rip-off of

                • Andy launched to convince people he's found religion and to distract them from his previously exposed schemes.

                • Andy excitedly brags that his website is visited by 48k+ people per month because he is blissfully ignorant of the fact that a "server request" is not synonymous with a "visit" (much less a "unique visitor") in website traffic reports.

Now that you've read the synopsis, enjoy the thread.


Daryl Acumen

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